​​Brief history of development of current proprietary method for non-anesthesia teeth cleaning:

While in high school and college Jim worked for veterinarians, and on occasion an older animal would die of complications from anesthesia. As a result Jim was encouraged to develop a different approach without anesthesia. After some time he was able to perfect the method to a level where a majority of the dogs would relax and be at ease, allowing him to scale their teeth. Subsequently after attending Colorado State University and studying psychology, particularly the theories of various behavioral and humanistic psychologists, he was able to raise the success rate significantly. More recently our success rate has risen to greater than 95% by continued experience and learning.

Biography and Qualifications:

Kimo (Jim) was born and raised in Hawaii. While in Hawaii Jim had numerous 4-H projects including chickens, beef steer, dairy heifer, dog training, and horse training and showmanship. In high school and college Jim worked as a Veterinary Technician under several veterinarians. He earned his Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Colorado State University and subsequently worked for the Texas State Health Department for 23 years. For half of his career with the Health Department he inspected water systems, waste-water complaints, swimming pools, solid waste disposal sites, day care centers, schools, food service establishments and general sanitation complaints. For the other half of his career he served as director of the Youth Camp Licensing Program and the Public Swimming Pool Inspection Program. Jim retired after 23 years of service at the Texas Department of Health. He has since obtained certification as a dog groomer (National Dog Grooming Association of America), and has been grooming dogs for over 14 years under the business name, Perfect Pooch Grooming. Jim also passed the examination for Dental Technician and holds a certificate by the American Society of Veterinary Dental Technicians. He also holds certification in Animal First Aid and CPR from the International College of Pet Careers, Inc. In his free time Jim enjoys hiking, yoga, tending his indoor aquarium, and maintaining his Natural Wildlife Federation “Certificated Wildlife Habitat” landscape and natural outdoor fish ponds at home. Kimo may be contacted by phone at 512-680-4952 or email at jimiekimo@caninesmiles.net

Caroline was born in Abilene, TX and came to Austin at the age of ten. She attended John B. Connally High School and throughout her schooling played the clarinet in band and took piano lessons. She graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2010 with a Liberal Arts Degree in Geography and a minor in Psychology. She also holds an Associate of Arts in General Studies Degree from Austin Community College. Currently she has more than 15 years experience grooming and holds certification from the National Dog Grooming Association of America. She also holds certification in Animal First Aid and CPR from the International College of Pet Careers, Inc. Caroline has also served as a Patient Care Technician at St. David’s Medical Center for 7 years, and volunteered 3 additional years as a front desk volunteer and a newborn nursery volunteer. She is an accomplished clarinetist and enjoys playing with the Austin Civic Wind Ensemble. She is also an alto vocalist with her church choir and local choral group Panoramic Voices. Caroline also takes joy in volunteering at local theater productions at Zach Theatre. She loves animals, and enjoys taking care of her two cats and chihuahua, Jake.

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