We have cleaned teeth without anesthesia for many years and have received many positive comments from clients most of these reviews were posted on our Perfect Pooch Grooming site.  See www.perfectpoochgrooming.com 


5.0 star rating 7/5/2017 from A X. Austin, TX on Yelp posted on Perfect Pooch Grooming Site

I was looking for an alternative to teeth cleaning with anesthesia for my pug and these guys did a great job! Fast, effective, and so much safer than the alternative. Thank you so much!!


We have copies of the letters containing these statements.

“Perfect Pooch Grooming has cared for my two dogs for the past three years. Their teeth have never been in better condition. I would like to continue to receive services from this company as I know they have never been in better overall health due to their dental condition. I feel this preventive service is a superior alternative to subjection my elderly dogs to anesthesia.”...

“The veterinarian who has cared for my dogs since they were puppies (Dr. Skellenger at Research Pet and Bird Clinic) has remarked on the excellent condition of their teeth and gums which is significant considering their previous state of dental health. My dogs will not tolerate me brushing their teeth, but will stand quietly and without anxiety for the groomer to preform preventive care”....

Letter from Crystal W., DNP, RN, CNS-CH, CPHQ, Doctor of Nursing Practice

"We have two standard poodles, 8 and 4 years old. Their teeth are clean, their gums healthy and all through the work of our groomers, Jim and Caroline Soper pf Perfect Pooch Grooming. Since our dogs were pups our groomers have regularly cleaned our dogs’ teeth at each grooming session. At every annual check up without veterinarian their teeth and mouths are always given a clean bill of health. Neither poodle has ever had the need to be put under general anaesthetic for teeth cleaning….

Teeth cleaning for dogs without the use of anaesthetic is a wonderful thing. It keeps dogs healthy longer, and it would be a travesty if the proposed legislation prevented our groomers from continuing their excellent service.”

Rena S. and Peter J.

“I strongly believe that as a dog ages - my remaining dog is turning 12 this month - It’s ability to deal with anesthesia is subject to an ever-increasing risk of injury or death. Why expose a dog to that risk unless absolutely necessary? 

Jim and his daughter have demonstrated that they know how to get a dog to sit suficientlty still during teeth scaling exercise…. If this were not the case, do you think my dogs would look forward to his visits? It is neither painful, nor stressful on my dogs.”

Dennis P.

"Mr. Soper has groomed my dogs since he started his business, and has cleaned their teeth as a normal part of grooming. I believe that they are much healthier, and certainly more pleasant to be around since they don’t have bad breath….

I believe Jim’s work has made her later years much healthier, and probably extended her active life….

Our vets are wonderful, but hey are afraid to open Zack’s mouth to evn look at his gums, much less his teeth unless he is sedated! Jim walks in the house, and Zack reacts just like dogs react with the Dog Whisperer, Caesar, on TV. I believe he really will be healthier if his teeth are maintained every couple of months along with grooming…."

Sheri R.

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