Canine Smiles 
Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning (AFTC)
Jim (Kimo) and Caroline Soper
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Caroline and Kimo Soper of Canine Smiles have offered Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning (AFTC) in the Austin area for over 16 years in addition to our grooming services please see ( ​Canine teeth cleaning scaling and polishing of the teeth can be accomplished to remove plaque and tartar build-up, ​without anesthesia is dependent on our ability to train your dog(s) to allow us to perform this procedure. AFTC involves training your dog to relax in a calm environment using our step-by-step proprietary behavioral techniques, developed over many years. It is important to consider that humans learn to tolerate routine teeth cleaning procedures without anesthesia and most dogs (approx. 95%), because of their learning ability, can as well. 

This service is available for dogs of all ages, however, it is particularly suited for senior dogs as many owners of these dogs eventually halt anesthesia cleaning because of potential risks. 

Tartar buildup can result in advanced periodontal disease with its subsequent degradation of a dog's overall health. AFTC is not appropriate for dogs who already have dental disease present (this often requires work that cannot be accomplished while they are awake, such as dental x-rays, tooth extractions, etc). 

After appropriate clinical corrections are made by your veterinarian, the AFTC procedure may be performed for the remainder of your dog's life. Your veterinarian must examine your dog and sign the AFTC authorization form on the back of this page prior to providing AFTC service normally annually. A  report and chart on cleaning results will be sent to the veterinarian and client.

For further information about us, and frequently asked questions regarding our service, please visit our website  Our services are offered SATISFACTION GUARANTIED. 

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Canine Smiles 
Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning (AFTC)
Jim (Kimo) and Caroline Soper

On ________________ ; I __________________________________ had my dog
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 __________________________ teeth examined by;
  (Dog's Name)​*

Dr. ____________________________(print name please)_ D.V.M.; and the examination revealed it is not likely a dental condition(s) exist that must be corrected under anesthesia.   Since the dog owner requests AFTC this procedure may be of assistance to reduce the probability of periodontal disease progression. Future examinations at least annually, or at a frequency recommended by your veterinarian will be necessary to continue AFTC.

Veterinarian recommendations and notes:

___________________________________________________ Dog Owner

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​* Please Print Except for signature

**Please provide email addresses and a Chart and Report with cleaning results will be sent.

The above form must be completed and signed by the Dog Owner and the examining Veterinarian and the original provided to Canine Smiles at the time of service.

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