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Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning (AFTC)
Jim (Kimo) and Caroline Soper
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Caroline and Jim (Kimo) Soper of Canine Smiles have offered Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning (AFTC) in the Austin area for over 16 years in addition to our grooming services please see ( ​Canine teeth cleaning (scaling) can be accomplished to remove plaque and tartar build-up, ​without anesthesia, is dependent on our ability to train your dog to allow us to perform this procedure. AFTC involves training your dog to relax in a calm environment using our step-by-step proprietary behavioral techniques, developed over many years. It is important to consider that humans learn to tolerate routine teeth cleaning procedures without anesthesia and most dogs (approx. 95%), because of their excellent learning ability, can as well. 

Tartar buildup can result in advanced periodontal disease with its subsequent degradation of a dog's overall health. AFTC is not appropriate for dogs who already have dental disease this often requires work that cannot be accomplished while they are awake, such as dental x-rays, tooth extractions, etc.  After such corrections are made by your veterinarian, the AFTC procedure may be performed in the future prior to advanced onset of periodontal disease. Your veterinarian must examine your dog and sign the AFTC authorization form on this page annually. 

For further information about us, and frequently asked questions regarding our service, please visit our website  Our services are offered SATISFACTION GUARANTEED . 

On ________________ ; I __________________________________ had my dog
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 __________________________ teeth examined by;
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Dr. ____________________________(print name please)_ D.V.M.;  and the examination revealed 1) it is not likely a dental condition exist that must be corrected under anesthesia; or 2) other conditions exist, i.e., elderly dogs, brachycephalic breeds; etc. or 3) to enhance diagnostics. Future examinations at least annually, or at a frequency recommended by your veterinarian will be necessary to continue AFTC. If your veterinarian is not satisfied with the level of preventive dental prophylaxis please contact us so we may address his/her concerns. Call 512-680-4952 or 512-784-3347.

​Veterinarian recommendations and notes:

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The above form must be completed and signed by the Dog Owner and the examining Veterinarian and the original provided to Canine Smiles at the time of service.

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