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The Following Businesses and Nonprofits Have Helped Canine Smiles 






Humane Society

Circle Brewery

HEB Groceries

Maudie's Tex Mex

Home Depot


Virginia Bloom Professional Counselor

Dr. Fred Blum-Energy Rich Living Coaching Center of Austin

Austin Humane Society

Austin Pets Alive

Pflugerville Animal Welfare Services

Where to adopt a pet in Austin

Marquis Who's Who

Pet supply of Austin

Pet Smart


Kriser's Natural Pet

Good Folks, Friends and Family that have HELPED Canine Smiles

There are many people who have influenced this project and my association with animals over the years. I particularly wish to acknowledge the following:


My father George Soper, who loved animals and surrounded our family from our early days with chickens, pigs, dogs, birds, horses and people who loved them.


My mother who was always so very supportive, friendly and nurturing to all.


My sister who was my partner in a number of adventures presenting valuable lessons and direction in my life.


To family friends and families of Uncle Harry Holt, Uncle Pat Cavaco, who in many ways offered me guidance and support.


To a number of veterinarians including Drs. Horton, Burgess, Denkers, Peterson, Knowles and others who taught me the value of hard work and its rewards, compassion, and who frequently demonstrated kindly altruistic motives both towards their clients and patients, I am thankful.


To a number of clients who have entrusted us with the care of their "best friends".


To a number of persons who have offered advice and editorial direction including:


Crystal Wilkerson, Rena Smith, Susan Andres, 


Virginia Bloom for continual support and advice, my dear daughter Caroline for her help in many ways and to Kay Soper who for many years has kindly given me her support and counsel. 


And last but certainly not least, to countless pets over many years including horses Ginger, Kula, and Dreamer, dogs including Lani, Tammy, Wolfer, Daisy, Mandy, Zac, and Jake: these pets, and dogs that we have groomed over many years have taught us countless lessons particularly patience, compassion, thoughtfulness, and love. These pets have certainly taught me how to be a better person, I am most thankful.


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* Ah yes, Kimo is so PROUD of YOU GUY'S*

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