Please be aware that we need to fill many positions in order to run our company. Our base starting salary is $15 per work hour and we anticipate it will rise as the business grows. Salaries will be raised concomitantly as business grows. Many of these positions can be fulfilled remotely. We are accepting applications for all positions.  Our step by step proprietary method allows individuals with minimal experience to learn AFTC; as long as you really love dogs and cats and enjoy learning, WE NEED YOU. If you are interested, or you know someone else who may be interested, please have them call me at 512- 6804952 so we may discuss their interests and dreams for the future. Also keep this in mind, I like to encourage folks to consider how they might help Canine Smiles now and in the future?  How might you serve now and grow to create your ideal position in the future? Such opportunity is yours to CREATE. Positions other than volunteers will be independent contractors; however, those who are very constructively involved may be  considered for an employee position, as the corporation grows.

Both volunteers and paid employees will have considerable access to benefits secured and developing, through organizations such as Lowes, Home Depot, Sam’s; and various insurance companies including SelectQuote, access to reduced cost health, insurance, Etc., Etc…  In addition, a free membership to Sam's Club, and a reduced membership cost to Costco are available. Also y’all can look forward to our most silly, fun loving, serious and LOVING good Hawaiian Islanders, DANCING BIG TIME, MUSIC BIG TIME, surfing, yup, check out KALAHARI.

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