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“ I woke up today with a real problem, it’s been bugging me for some time now. You're probably thinking this is a cry out for a dog's lost bone or toy, and I tell you that would be a terrible thing , but this is much, much worse. This problem is about,

“ Training my Master”

Don't get me wrong- he’s not that bad of a human. In fact, He’s quite trainable …

I believe that's why I am here.

Humans think we fur babies are here for them, but, truth be told we fur’s are simply here to guide and to show love for the human to adapt to the true essence of our mission IN LIFE, TO LOVE. IN FACT NUI IN HAWAIIAN MEANS LOVE. And I love Kimo very much.

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Using rubber titty gloves or the like massage and rub on your pet, use a mask and a fan if needed to reduce inhalation. The hair that comes out is old dead dull hair. Many pets with scaly dry skin prone to hotspots will gain significant improvement in their coat and skin condition. When most of the hair and dry skin has been removed, start adding oils rubbing it in the coat and skin, also feed oils orally, unless the pet is significantly overweight. In this regard, excellent results have also been realized with the natural oils we use on our skin; however, this can be costly for large dogs. On larger dogs I have used Wesson oil, coconut oil and other more cost efficient products. A caveat, to reduce the probability of an allergic reaction, rub some of the product onto a pink spot likely on the belly and observe, if it turns a darker pink or red in a half hour, it would be best not to use that product. If you use this method and share it with another you must say who you got it from as that is part of the patent. If you like it you can also mention it on yahoo or google but this is not a requirement.

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Updated: Apr 19, 2021

Wouldn't the Texan in me laugh at those guys? Well not to fast PARTNER,check this out.

Yup they got pretty FANCY ASSES. Check out for all your shopping needs well ok how bout shirts, mumu's yah stuff like that. Really cheap but NIIIICCCEEE. You go PARTNER. So of course Kimo would like to say he taught them everything he knows, but he lying again. So here's the truth, these folks are actually related to ME WELL I'M CLAIMING THEM ANYWAY If my sister will allow.

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