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Father and daughter team Jim and Caroline Soper of Canine Smiles have offered Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning (AFTC) in the Austin area for over 19 years under the current auspices of 18 veterinarians as of 2/1/2020. AFTC is not appropriate for pets that require oral dentistry under anesthesia. Before we provide this service to clients, a veterinarian must examine each pet. This service is available for all pets, however, it is particularly suited for senior pets as many owners of these pets eventually halt anesthesia cleaning because of potential risks. However, after needed corrections are made by your veterinarian, the AFTC procedure may be performed for the remainder of your pet's life as determined by your veterinarian. These services are available in-shop, or mobile to your location, or at your veterinary clinic.

Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning involves training a pet to relax in a calm environment using our positive reinforcement behavioral methods developed over many years of practice. Humans learn to tolerate routine scaling procedures without anesthesia and over 95% of pets we see can as well.  Our clients wish to provide the best care possible for their pet family members and we have received very positive feedback from them and their veterinarians regarding our procedure.   As such, our clients are more than pleased to enhance their pets' health and want to engage in our AFTC services multiple times a year. We always provide AFTC service with a satisfaction guarantee.



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