Canine Smiles Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning (AFTC) for Dogs and Cats in Austin, Texas

Jim and Caroline Soper of Canine Smiles have offered Anesthesia Free Teeth Cleaning (AFTC) and grooming services (see Perfect Pooch in the Austin area for over 16 years, serving more than 24 Veterinarians (see Testimonials). These services are available in-shop, or mobile to your location, or at your veterinary clinic. The practice of teeth cleaning without anesthesia is dependent on our ability to train your pet to allow us to perform this procedure. Humans learn to tolerate this procedure without anesthesia, while most pets (approximately 95%), because of their learning ability can as well. AFTC involves training your pet to relax in a calm environment using our step-by-step proprietary behavioral techniques, developed over many years of grooming and teeth cleaning. This service is available for all pets, however, it is particularly suited for senior pets as many owners of these pets eventually halt anesthesia cleaning because of potential risks. Tartar buildup can result in advanced periodontal disease with its subsequent degradation of the pets overall health. Non anesthesia dental teeth cleaning is not appropriate for pets who already have severe dental disease present, this often requires work that cannot be performed while they are awake, such as dental x-rays, tooth extractions, etc.  However, after needed corrections are made by your veterinarian, the AFTC procedure may be performed for the remainder of your pet's life as determined by your veterinarian. For more information please contact Jim Soper at 512-680-4952.

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