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In addition to your veterinarian's initial authorization, your veterinarian must examine your pet annually to determine if any significant periodontal disease exists and you must continue to provide Canine Smiles the update in order to use our services. Please note that in general the teeth cleaning process takes approximately 1.5 hours however it may take longer. 


The veterinarian must also note any issues that we should be aware of regarding your pets health. The authorization must state that Canine Smiles may perform the service on your pet. 

Instead of using form, ask your vet to send us details consisting of : 

Name of pet, Clients' name, date,Name of vet, and a permission for Canine's Smiles to services required.



If you have authorization for your pet, please text us at (512) 680-4952.

In the unlikely event that a pet experiences too much anxiety or stress, you will be advised that teeth cleaning without anesthesia is not appropriate for your pet or your veterinarian may wish to prescribe a sedative that you can administer prior to AFTC.
If you decide to use a sedative your pet will still be able to learn and will be more at ease and the dosage can usually be reduced or eliminated subsequently.
Contact Kimo @ (512) 680-4952.

Our surveys indicate that veterinarian's are charging approximately $650 for Anesthesia teeth cleaning. We currently charge $400 the supply and demand, and politics are definitely in our direction.


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